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Tips And Tricks To Make Habits Stick

For me, thinking of new habits I would like to create in my life is seriously no problem at all, there are literally 100s! I have now narrowed them down to a manageable amount as this would obviously be impossible.

But the issue isn’t just coming up with them, it’s sticking at them. How many gym memberships go unused after January for example, and as for that morning yoga, it was fun while it lasted but the snooze button got the better of me in the end.

Starting with new habits is the easiest part. As I’m pretty sure we all know from experience, it is sticking to them day after day that is the biggest challenge. Here are some excellent tips for making your habits stick.

Why it is Hard to Stick to a Habit

First of all, you should understand exactly why it can be difficult to actually stick to a habit. Creating a new habit is truly the simple part. Sometimes, it is just a matter of not having the right motivation, but in other cases, the problem is in the habit itself.

If your habit is too difficult, you probably won’t stick to it for very long. See if there is a way to simplify it. A habit you can stick to is one you are able to enjoy. Even habits like exercising can be enjoyable if you choose the right one. Hate running? Then do something else!

You need to fit it into your lifestyle. Just because someone else is starting a habit where they get up every day at 3 am doesn’t mean that is going to work for you. It needs to be attainable.

Find Your Purpose

When you are still in the process of choosing a new habit, make sure you understand why you are doing it. You really need to understand the purpose and how it will benefit you in order to stick to it. This means analyzing the habit, how it will change your life or routine, and what the lasting benefits can be.

Sure, you want to make your bed every morning, but do you know why it is important to you? This is what you need to focus on first in order to have a habit you can stick with.

Remember Only One at a Time

This is something you will hear repeated over and over again regarding forming new habits, because of how important it is. Start with just one new habit at a time! Once you feel comfortable and confident in your new habit, you can then start adding more to it.

Commit to a Short Period of Time First

It helps to track your habit and try to pick a short period of time where you will do it every day. A good way to start is by doing it for 30 days, though at some point, you might want to extend to 90 days as this is the amount of time it really takes for a new habit to take effect.

So, this time could be the time that habit finally sticks! It really is possible and don’t let past failures get you down. There is no such thing as failure anyway, only practice. Choose an attainable habit that has a true purpose for you, and keep that purpose in your mind when the habit starts to slip. Only create one habit at a time until you have been doing it for 30-90 days. And most importantly, reward yourself and celebrate once you get there!

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