Slaying the Monsters #metoo
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Slaying The Monsters

Last year, 2017, was a doozy.

The hairpin turns and out-of-left-field moments were hard to take several times.

My home life had shifted into a semi-quiet routine where weekends were spent with my boyfriend and my youngest daughter. They’ve learned to get along and even seem to like each other most of the time. (That’s another story for another time and I promise I’ll share because it’s important and full of life-learning.)

However, the nation (I’m in the USA) went bat-shit-crazy. Some of it was scary. Like, Nazi sympathizers gaining some kind of notoriety again, and how the new president seems to be both off the rails crazy, yet clever enough to compromise with his “enemy”. We are back to fearing nuclear war, and I want to build a bomb shelter more than ever. Yes, really.


The #metoo movement

The biggest impact, though? The #metoo movement. Actually, I didn’t even notice the hashtag for a very long time. When the stories started coming across my social media feeds…… and the radio ( I don’t watch TV unless it’s streaming/binging shows), I sat up and really listened.

And then I sat back and listened some more. I am one of the women who doesn’t get too much crap – no cat calling or stalkers, really.
Or, do I? So much of where I thought I stood in the world came into question as 2017 rolled on by. Too many of the stories about harassment, pressure and outright rape brought back memories for me.

There’s a laundry list of issues that fit perfectly into the grand scope of the “metoo movement and part of this blog will be examining it because part of this blog/website/business is about digging deeper, and examining what I find. What I do with my discoveries is up to me when I discover them.

There have been a few memories so far that make me really sad because I was a perpetrator, inadvertently and without understanding what I was doing. I had no idea the impact that I might have (or have had, for that matter).

There have been more memories where I wanted to point out to the world that it’s not just men who can be predatory and sexual. We’ll get to that in time because I have a few stories of my own…

I’ll be honest here. There have been so many times that I wanted to do the I Told You So! dance with my guy. He’s actually pretty great and not consciously misogynistic. But, we are all so conditioned to be okay with the thoughts and behaviors that are SO very out of line, that we’ve all questioned if something is okay or not when we know damn good and well that it’s not fucking okay.

Thank god (or whoever) that we are finally trusting ourselves as women (and yes, men- I see you Terry Crews) and admitting that we are also human beings.


Just more reminders of how close to home it is

One of my uncles said he was surprised at how much of it was out there – after the 10th celebrity to get called out in the media. I said, “Really? You obviously aren’t a woman or you wouldn’t be surprised at all.”

He said something about how his father would beat him and his brothers if they ever disrespected a woman like that. And, I thought to myself – yeah, I know your brothers and based solely on my own personal experience with just one of them, I’m pretty sure you were the only one who got that message.

So, clearly, it’s easy for people to not see it when they want to – or they don’t realize how many of their behaviors are out of line. Clearly, that stems from some of the cultural norms, and maybe more directly from the generational one.

This subject could take a lifetime to examine. Maybe it will.


Yeah, let’s slay the monsters.

For today, I want to thank you for reading and welcome you to leave your thoughts in a comment. Whether or not your comment sees the light of day on my post is up to me because I won’t tolerate trolls or hate.

Actually, maybe it will see the light – and get a spotlight- and I’ll bring all the troll killers to the post? Yeah, let’s slay the monsters.

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