Sweet Recipe Cards


Sweet Recipe Cards

Sweet and whimsical deserts decorate a letter size paper with two recipe cards on it.

I suggest you print these on card stock paper in a light color. Then, just cut them out!

You can cut the paper in half exactly or if you use a letter size binder, don’t cut at all. Just fill in your recipe and stick the page in your binder.



★3 different color schemes with sweets on the background and one desert per card featured on the front.
★After payment, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download the PDF file to your computer and then print to your heart’s content.
★Designed on 8.5×11″ US letter size paper. Leave whole, or cut in half.
★I suggest using card stock paper for better durability.


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What You Get:
A PDF file that you can download and save to your computer.
Then, you can print it, and work through it at your own pace!
Re-print when you want!


What happens next:
* your download will expire in 7 days from purchase date.
* you should be directed to a page with the download link on it after you pay.
* Your download link will also come to you in an email directly after you pay.


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