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How Journals Help Those Human Trafficked- A Review

It’s 2019, so you probably think that human trafficking isn’t still a “thing”, right? Well, think again, honey. The local TV show I worked with produced several shows about the topic and how prolific the problem is here in the mid-western US.

The United States of America. In the heart of the Bible Belt.

“Human and sex trafficking is one of the largest illegal industries in the world, second only to drug trafficking. It generates an estimated $32 billion dollars each year, according to UNICEF. While it might seem like something that happens everywhere but home, hundreds of victims are being trafficked right here in our area.” source

When The Skipping Stone reached out to me about reviewing their journals, at first I wasn’t interested. But, as I did my research, I was inspired.

Here’s why;

All proceeds go to helping trafficked women and children build a new life. My understanding is that the shop’s owners don’t take a profit or even a salary from the company.

Their company name comes from the notion that every action creates a ripple, no matter how small.

I did a quick video of the two journals they sent me. My video is not professional or probably even well done, but I hope you can see the quality.

The journals they sent me can be found here in the journals section.
They have plain and embossed covers, along with several different sizes.

My video ends abruptly. Sorry for that, but my phone decided to quit in the middle of several things that day!


The leather is soft, but sheds a little as real leather does. It will get beautifully beat up over time because it’s a soft, supple leather.
The hardware is solid and well made.
The pages are thick, yet not too stiff.
The overall packaging was amazing!

Overall, if this is your type of journal, I’d say get one. You’ll get something great and support a very good cause.


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