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Bullet Journal Benefits A Year Later

I started a Bullet Journal because I was frustrated at wasting so many pages in the store-bought planners I’ve used over the years. When I found the idea of bullet journals, something clicked in my head and I think that’s true for many (maybe even most) people who use them.

Bullet journals provide an easy way to track all of your thoughts, feelings, appointments, and goals for your life, whether for today, next week, or 10 years from now. Here are some of the different benefits of having a bullet journal.


It Helps Keep You Organized

You can also become a more organized person with the help of a bullet journal. Perhaps you remember to get to work on time and bring your kids to their dentist appointments, but you tend to forget about your daily fitness regimen or don’t feel organized enough for meal planning. The bullet journal can help with these tasks and much more. 

You can see in my photo, my monthly layout from February 2017. It hasn’t changed much over the year I’ve been using this sytem because this layout works for me. I don’t have a ton of appointments every day. So, instead of wasting paper on weekly or daily layouts, I use this. A list of the days of the month, next to which day of the week it corresponds to.


The Journal Replaces Your Traditional Planner

Planners are great, but there tend to be some limitations with the store-bought varieties. In my case, I wasted 4 days of the week on any weekly or daily layout because I’m at work and don’t plan things for those days. I tried using those pages for other things like notes or to track things, but it just wasn’t working well.

They aren’t very customizable, so you are forced to use whatever calendar layouts and note pages are provided to you. This limits you to how much you can include on each page and what sections there are. With a bullet journal, it replaces your planner and includes absolutely anything and everything that you find important.


You Get More Information About Your Personal Goals

Bullet journals can give you a better idea of what your personal goals are and what is required to reach those goals. You will start including lists, aspirations, and bucket lists. This, when looking back on it, really gives you a good idea of what you want out of life and what tasks you need to do in order to achieve them.


You Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

First of all, if you struggle with a lot of stress and anxiety on a regular basis, the bullet journal can help with that. You are able to record your moods and behavior changes, which help you to determine triggers for your anxiety and panic attacks. Since you aren’t missing appointments or schedules and become more focused on a daily basis, you can also find great stress relief.

This photos is of our monthly period tracker. PMDD runs in our family and using this has helped me be more aware of my own mood along with tracking my daughter’s monthly cycle since she can’t always explaine herself well.



You Can Track Your Regular Habits

A year after having started my bullet journal, I can look back and see with ease when my daughter had severe mood swings or issues with school (she has autism) and it’s easy to track when and where I paid the bills.

When you enter detailed information in your bullet journal about your daily life, you will then be able to track your regular habits. For example, if you have a food and exercise log section, it lets you see what you are eating on a regular basis, how often you eat out, and what areas of your fitness routine need work.

You can also track your moods and resulting anxiety or stress, or track your daily expenses to see where you might be able to cut back.
There’s really nothing that you can’t track in a bullet journal! 


Do you use a bullet journal? Feel free to share how you use yours or ask questions about mine. 


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