How this blog will help you?

Maybe you’ll be able to see you aren’t the only one struggling to understand life? Maybe it will give you something to troll? That’s not exactly my intention, but you’ll take from it what you want. I can’t change that about you.

This blog is about self-discovery, digging deeper, examining the muck and filth and the gems within that. No, I don’t mean some woo-woo stuff here. I mean let’s take a look at what’s going on in the world, how it affects us, how we perpetrate more of it or rectify it.

Yes, I sell journals and planners to help you do that stuff (deep diving) – and to help you keep your shit straight, and I do it because it works. For millions of people who actually use them, they work.

I cuss. Probably not every post, but it is who I am, and I’m owning it. I’ll spare you the punctuational expletives that I’d probably say out loud if I were talking, instead of writing this paragraph, but don’t be too surprised when you read some of my posts.

See, journaling helps you get into your head and see where you think. Not just how, but why, and where your thoughts lead to or come from. They can be pretty surprising, really.

Why I’m qualified?
In case it matters that much to you, I’m a 40 ish woman living in the midwestern US. I have an adult daughter who is no longer at home and a teen who will likely always be younger than her age. She has autism.

I’m also a certified life coach. Yeah, yeah. Pooh Pooh it if you think it’s bullshit, but that training got me out of the biggest funk of my life. Learning how and why my thoughts and emotions worked gave me the tools to not lay down and die a slow sad death, but to keep trudging, sometimes kicking ass, and actually live a life that isn’t too damn bad! It’s also been tremendously helpful with learning to understand my daughter’s thought processes because of her autism, anxiety and mental health issues.

Why Jenny, when I go by Jenn?

My entire youth, my family called me Jenny. I have no issue with that name, other than that people assume I’m also a Jennifer, which I’m not. I actually like the name, but there came a point in life where Jenny felt like I never grew up. My full name was not my favorite. So, I compromised and started using Jenn. But, when I started to examine these buried emotions and events, I started to connect with Jenny again.

Jenny Journals has two meanings for me. 1. That, I’m journaling through and about my youth as Jenny. 2. That I’m still Jenny and I like to produce and promote Journals and journaling.