IF you want to learn more about Journaling and planning then you are in the right place.

Journaling helps you get into your head and see where you think. Not just how, but why, and where your thoughts lead to or come from. They can be pretty surprising, really.

Why I’m qualified?
In case it matters that much to you, I’m a 40 ish woman living in the midwestern US. I have an adult daughter who is no longer at home and a teen who will likely always be younger than her age. She has autism.

I’m also a certified life coach. Yeah, yeah. Pooh Pooh it if you think it’s bullshit, but that training got me out of the biggest funk of my life. Learning how and why my thoughts and emotions worked gave me the tools to not lay down and die a slow sad death, but to keep trudging, sometimes kicking ass, and actually live a life that isn’t too damn bad!

It’s also been tremendously helpful with learning to understand my daughter’s thought processes because of her autism, anxiety and mental health issues.

You can learn more about topics ranging from journaling, planning and organization to mental health, women’s health and being human here.